Company Profile

What and who is Planet PV ?

Planet PV is a distributor of photovoltaic components and an offerer of turnkey PV projects for investors.

We are a team of fix and freelance employees.

With long term experience in the fields production, wholesale, finance, handicraft and electrical engineering we cover all neccessary fields to offer state of the art producs and solutions to our customers.

Our strength is speediness, flexibility and reliability. Our company structure and allignment gives us a competition advantage which also passes up to our customers and partners.

The Network

Most important for our business is our network of cooperation parters all around the globe.

The choice of your product portfolio is based on lots of information about our suppliers, new technologies, market and technology research.

For instance it is most significant to have a detailed insight into the chinese module manufacturing market. Continious quality control as well as knowledge about key data of our suppliers is mandatory to be successful over a long periode of time in this fast moving market.

Philosophy and Strategy

We are convinced that growth and value of Planet PV is most dependend on the benefit of our customers.

Our amibtion is maximum competetiveness of our customers. This is how we secure long term partnerships together with our customers and gain continous growth for all parties.