Buying a container of solar modules is easy - choosing the best one by considering all details is almost impossible.

Which solar installer or investor has the possibility to realize quality controls in China or check latest market research studies.

Such tasks are our business. We take care that your products have the maximum security to give you best performance during the whole operating time of up to 30 years.

We also support our customers with plannings. Our team can offer solutions from the design of a one family home up to a MW PV plant.


Photovoltaic Modules

Taking care by choosing the core of a PV system - the module - is most important.

The choice of our product portfolio is based on a load of information we gain about our suppliers, latest technologies or market researches.

It is of crucial importance to have a detailierten view of the Chinese module market. Regular quality controls locally as well as knowledge of characteristic numbers of the suppliers are essential to be successful on a long-term basis is this very volatilie market.

Some supplier out of our product portfolio:



Complete Systems

Perfectly matching components among themselfs and for your needs we can plan and supply to you.

Simply send us your demand for a photvoltaic system including details like place, roof measurements and tilt, orientation, roofing etc.

We prefer to plan with our standard components, but we can also try to implement components which you want to use.